A recent photo of Malik.

In July of 2022, Imran Ali Malik, recently re-transplant to the suburbs of New Jersey after several years in California’s Bay Area, decided — in the time of “Web3” and the “Creator Economy,” to restart a WordPress blog on “iamalik.com,” a blog he once maintained as a med student in the mid-aughts.

In the years since quitting this blog, Malik also left the pursuit of a career in medicine and played for a few years in a Muslim punk band, before deciding to pursue a long study of the classical liberal arts, the humanities, and Islamic theology at Zaytuna College in Berkeley California. After working for a few years as a podcaster and radio journalist, Malik finished a masters in journalism at U.C. Berkeley before returning to New Jersey, now older with some grey in the beard, a wife and two children.

This website is the attempt to put it all together.