Imran was raised in Princeton, New Jersey by parents who immigrated from Pakistan in the 70’s. He grew up in the era of alternative rock music. A growing anti-muslim sentiment propelled him to travel on his own terms to his motherland to live and study medicine.

After medical school, he joined a muslim-punk band called The Kominas, recorded two albums with them, and toured extensively across the Americas and Europe, playing shows and appreciating the vastness of muslim experience. Three years later, after a process of search, discovery, and profound change of heart, he left the band.

He moved out of his Brooklyn apartment, and went on a journey to understand the intellectual tradition of Islam, which led him to enrolling in Zaytuna College in Berkeley, California, the first muslim liberal arts college, where he currently studies and works.

In the past few years, Imran has commented on Islam and culture through writings, podcast, and is happy to do so on other mediums upon request.